Renting a boat in Cannes Europe’s leading in-water exhibition,2021.

Renting a boat in Cannes Europe’s leading in-water exhibition,2021.

The Europe’s leading in-water exhibition, is the biggest international event with boat on the water. It hosts more than 600 boats in between Cannes’s old harbor and Canto Harbor.

Cannes Yacht Booking suggests you to rent a boat during the Cannes yacht show 2021 in Cannes.
Europe’s leading in-water exhibition, 2020 will takes place from 07th till 12th September 2021 in Cannes.

Rent a boat docked in Cannes’ old harbor, facing le Palais des Festivals will allow you to accommodate your team and receive your clients quietly away from the exposition area. Rent your boat in Cannes today.
Our team will set it up for you to organize your cocktails, meetings,
but also luxury private diners to welcome your best clients and sign your contracts in such tranquility, without damaging your boat.

Cannes yacht Booking is based in Cannes. Booking your yacht during the Cannes Yacht Show 2021 with our agency, you will be taken care with security and trust.
Cannes Yacht Booking will take care of your technical needs during the event: carpet, sound, light, furniture, flowers, additional tent, video etc…
everything is taking care of.

During the Europe’s leading in-water exhibition, 2021, Cannes Yacht Booking will suggest a selection of the best caterers and you will benefit from a highly qualified staff to take care of your clients 24/7.

For the 44st anniversary of the Europe’s leading in-water exhibition,, it will be an evidence to rent a yacht! The Cannes yacht Show 2020 has grown up from last year with its new partner: Maserati.

Do you know that more than half of the visitors are strangers and more than 520 exhibitors will come this year. New product launching and awesome updates will be presented during the Europe’s leading in-water exhibition, 2021.

Stand out from the crowd during the Europe’s leading in-water exhibition, 2021 in Cannes et benefit from renting a yacht as a way of communication and publicity.
Cannes Yacht Booking will set up your yacht to be the best venture of your brand.

Go up a level and be innovative! Rent a yacht in Cannes with Cannes Yacht Booking and we will customize your yacht entirely to fit you company image so you can be proud to communicate a long side Maserati!

Your clients wants luxury and innovation, make them understand you are already in the game! And show you concurrent you have already won the battle!

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Renting a boat in Cannes Europe’s leading in-water exhibition,2021.