Rent a boat for Cannes Lions Festival 2021

Rent a boat for Cannes Lions Festival 2021

Cannes Lions 2020 will be held in Cannes’ Palais des Festivals on la Croisette.

Cannes Yacht Booking suggests you to rent a boat for this event, docked to Cannes’ old harbor, facing le Palais des Festivals.
Based in Cannes, our agency will search and select the most adequate boat for your events, with the right amount of sleeping needed according to your budget.

By renting yacht in Cannes during the Cannes Lions 2021 or the Cannes Lions Junior 2021, you will no longer need to book rooms in Cannes’ hotel or rent apartments close to La Croisette. Furthermore, you will be able to organize your cocktails, diners, meetings, keynotes, and product launching on the boat.
Your yacht will be customized to your image branding and logo, thus being a great publicity for your company.

Renting an apartment in Cannes and finding a venue for your event is going to get harder for Cannes Lions 2020 and Cannes Lions 2021.
Also the Cannes Lions 2021 will only be 5 days instead of 8. Indeed, Cannes Lions 2021 will start on the 21st to 25th of June 2021.
A wind of panic has blown over those who already booked their events at another date, which is now out of date!!

Renting a boat during Cannes Lions 2021 will allow you to be safe regarding the dates.

Cannes Yacht Booking book your yacht whatever the period of the Cannes Lions 2021 and organize your events form start to finish: administrative authorization, dock spot, and all your technical needs on the boat. We also add a tent if necessary for your cocktails, carpet, sound, light, furniture, and a selection of the finest caterer with a highly qualified staff.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is an international meeting between communication professionals.
More than 100 countries are represented with 15000 participants. Le Palais des Festivals in Cannes becomes a meeting spot for leaders, CEOs, and creators etc.

Throughout the Cannes Lions 2018 a lot of exhibitors chose to rent a yacht in Cannes’ old harbor with our agency.
Just like them, you will have the opportunity to be taken care by a professional staff available for you and your clients at anytime.

You will discover a fantastic experience and offer to your clients a magic moment.
What else than signing a contract around a glass of champagne or a VIP diner on the top deck watching the sunset on the sea
We get a lot of positive feedback from our client’s client who remember it for a long time.

The Cannes Lions 2019 has shorten its period and the number of rewards. The Cannes Lions Winners will be less this year.

The Cannes Lions has chosen to reduce its budget, some professionals like Martin Sorrell WPP CEO complains about the overprice and have choosen
to not be a part of the Cannes Lions 2019. That is the reason why they chose to shorten the period in order to get the best out of it.

Cannes Yacht Booking also proposes you to focus your events and accommodation on the same spot.
Renting a boat  customized and docked facing le Palais des Festivals is the best solution to optimize your budget for the Cannes Lions 2020 !

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Rent a boat for Cannes Lions Festival 2021