Rent a boat for Canneséries 2021

Rent a boat for Canneséries 2021

Big news announced last year by David Lisnard, Cannes’ mayor, le Canneséries 2020 will be reorganised in April 2021.

Partnering with Canal+ and Reed Midem, this new international festival will occur almost as the same time as MIPTV 2021 in le Palais des Festivals.
Canneséries 2021 will start on the 09th of April till 14th  April 2021.

Cannes yacht Booking offers an incredible opportunity: rent a boat for the full period of Canneséries 2021 and MIPTV 2021.
You can also choose to rent it for one or the other festival.

Cannes Yacht Booking is an agency based in Cannes.
We will select and book your boat, customize to your brand, and organize your events on this yacht.
Renting a yacht allows you to use it as accommodation that translates into budget economy.
You can focus your cocktail, lunch, diner, and your business meetings at the same place.

The Canneséries 2021 is announced to be an international event with a real competition. Just like the Cannes Film Festival, it will have an official selection,
a jury composed with at least 5 members and a well known President, and last but not least a lot of rewards and prize list.

Renting a yacht is an ideal solution to valorize your image during this festival and put forward your company. Your clients will enjoy being host in this wonderful and luxury place instead of a regular stand in a congress center. They will thank you over a glass of champagne and a sunset over the sea, or a VIP diner for this amazing idea.

Rent a boat during the Canneséries 2021 and MIPTV 2021 is a great long-term strategy. You will not need to rent an apartment on la Croisette or book a hotel room close to le Palais des Festivals since you can accommodate yourself on the boat. Forget the pain of continually renegotiating to keep your accommodation and venue from one year to the other. Furthermore this new festival will generate more participants in Cannes for 2020 and 2021.

Booking your boat in 2021 with Cannes Yacht Booking will insure you a long-term partnership and optimized the decoration and customization of your boat.

Trust Cannes Yacht Booking for the Canneséries 2021 we will take care of the reservation of your yacht and its dock, your technical needs: carpet, tent, decoration, furniture, light, sound, staff and a selection of the finest caterer.

A dedicated stage manager will be your prime contact as long as onboard staff available 24/7

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Rent a boat for Canneséries 2021